Network Cabling


US1Cable installs, Category 5E and Category 6 Unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair and foiled twisted pair from the client LAN/Network or Server Room to the workstation outlet location for the client Computer and /or phone networks. In addition, US1Cable follows strict industry standards and adheres to Federal, State and local building and electrical codes during the entire installation process.

US1Cable installs the following Cabling systems :

Horizontal Distribution - Plenum and non-plenum Category 5e/6, 6E and 6A Unshielded, Shielded and foiled twisted pair, coaxial and fiber optic cable installation from distribution point to workstation outlet location.

Backbone Distribution - Plenum and non-plenum Category 3/5e Multi-pair, coaxial cable and multistrand single and multi-mode fiber optic cable installation, from and between, Distribution Rooms for same and Multi-Floor configurations.

Distribution Build-out - 66, 110, BIX and Krone Distributed Wall Field Termination, Category 5e/6 Patch Panel Termination, Communications Rack systems, Vertical and Horizontal Wire Management Systems, overhead cable tray and ladder rack systems

Fiber Optic Install

Due to the increasing needs of bandwidth for today's networks and for tomorrow's new technologies, it has become necessary for clients to upgrade their networks and add more robust Fiber Optic Solutions. Upon collecting the client network specification information and infrastructure needs, US1Cable will develop the best solution to meet the client's requirements. US1Cable will then provide the client with a defined installation scope of work and a detailed installation process, for the implementation of a Fiber Optic Cabling Infrastructure Installation.

us1cable provides the follow :
Fiber Optic Cable to the Desktop - Plenum and Non-plenum, Multi-strand, Multi-mode 62.5 Micron Fiber Optic Cable and Multi-mode OM3 50-Micron 10-Gigibit Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable.

DMARC Extension

The definition of a Demarcation Extension is the transmission path originating from the interface of the access provider's side of a telecommunications circuit Demarcation Point within a premise and ending at the termination point prior to the interface of the edge.