Voice & Data Cabling

US1Cable Voice & Data Cabling Services

At Telenet, we offer voice and data cabling for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our technicians are able to complete your office move, custom cabling needs, build-outs and more. We offer a wide variety of voice and data cabling services and are positive that our team of technicians will deliver 100% satisfaction.

We understand that moving to a new office is a daunting task. If not properly planned, you may face unnecessary expense, as well as lose productivity. We will help make the transition go as smoothly as possible and will work with you early on to plan and implement the move that stays within your budget and meets any deadlines.

Whether you are planning to move or upgrade your organization's network infrastructure, we will be able to help pinpoint important considerations that need to be taken into account. To do this, we must know basic information about your facilities, in addition to your current and future technology requirements.

We can also help you decide whether Cat5, Cate, or Cat6 will work best for your company. The most important differences between these choices often come down to the bandwidth you need, network support, and crosstalk.

If you are interested in VoIP, we can discuss how it works, as well as what the advantages and drawbacks are with VoIP. We will also talk look at the infrastructure requirements to implement a VoIP solution.

Some of our voice and data cabling services include:

CAT 5e, 5E Data Wiring

CAT 6a, Data Wiring

Riser Cabling

Fiber Optics Cabling

Conduit Installation

Wire Labeling and Mapping

To learn about our complete list of services regarding voice and data cabling, you can give us a call and we will be happy to develop a plan that your company needs. The sooner you call, the more prepared we can be when it is time to start installation.